WindCheck Article about KRYS Ocean Race and Oman Sail – August Edition

My WindCheck magazine article about the KRYS Ocean Race is now available throughout marinas in New York City and the regional area.

Turn to page 54 and read about my sailing experience on the MOD 70, Oman Sail and an interview with American Ryan Breymaier in the KRYS Ocean Race. It’s very exciting!

Check out the online article about Sailing on a MOD 70 here:

Online article about interview with KRYS Ocean Racer – Ryan Breymaier of Oman Sail:

KRYS Ocean Race – Start of Race – July 7

The excitement continues to watch the MOD 70’s start and race to a marker before heading out under the Verrazano bridge into the Atlantic Ocean!

Spindrift had a slow start and was ‘stuck’ without wind at the starting line.

Oman Sail was leading the pack sailing into the Atlantic!